Headliner announced: Dylan Scott

We are excited to announce that Dylan Scott will be our headliner at the Silicon Valley Pig Jig!


It’s a long way from the outskirts of Bastrop, Louisiana, to the #1 spot at country radio, each mile marked by passion, perseverance, and sweat. But rising star Dylan Scott has made the trek. “It’s like anything else, you have to work at it if you want it,” he says. “You can’t sit back and expect someone else to make it happen for you, you’ve gotta do it yourself.”

With his romantic #1 hit ‘My Girl’, Scott has certainly done that, paying his dues and transforming real-life experience into chart-topping success. Now with the album DYLAN SCOTT DELUXE EDITION, a new chapter begins.  This total-package artist is bringing new fans up to speed on where he’s been, and offering a look at where he’s headed next. Powerful new tracks join the original album’s 13 songs, all featuring a high-octane mix of current country and pop-friendly Southern rock that celebrates both his down-home roots and big-city ambitions. More than half of Scott’s songs have flowed straight from the young star’s pen, and more fans seem to latch on to his stories each day.

Come see him perform songs from his deluxe album including ‘My Girl’, ‘Hooked’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and ‘Can’t Take Her Anywhere’. We look forward to listening to Dylan at the Silicon Valley Pig Jig and hope you can join us on Saturday October 6th at San Jose Municipal  Stadium.

Listen to some of Dylan’s songs here to get ready for his live performance at the Pig Jig!

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