BBQ Competition Results

The BBQ pit was a happening place on Saturday, October 6th as teams competed in a friendly BBQ competition. Team members, guests and VIP attendees were able to visit the pit and watch the teams in action.


Teams competed in four categories – tri-tip, ribs, wild card and overall. Wild card entries were creative and delicious and included pasta, lobster, pizza, oysters, duck and bacon wrapped meatballs! Entries were judged by a panel of certified BBQ judges and our celebrity judges.


There was great excitement in the crowd as the results were announced at 7pm before Dylan Scott took the stage.

2018 BBQ Competition Results

Top Three Winners Tri-tip

  1. Sprig Electric
  2. Lee’s Imperial Welding
  3. Veregy Consulting
Sprig Electric wins Best TriTip award!

Top Three Winners Ribs

  1. Sprig Electric
  2. Veregy Consulting
  3. Lee’s Imperial Welding
Sprig Electric wins Best Ribs award!

Top Three Winners Wildcard

  1. Sprig Electric
  2. Alpine Electronics
  3. SJ Firefighters
Sprig Electric wins Best WildCard award!

Best Tail Gate Set Up Winner

  1. Lee’s Imperial Welding
  2. Sprig Electric
Lee’s Imperial Welding Wins Best Tailgate award!

Overall Grand Champion Top 5 Winners

  1. Sprig Electric
  2. Lee’s Imperial Welding
  3. Veregy Consulting
  4. Clifton Larson Allen
  5. Alpine Electronics Inc
Overall Champions Silicon Valley Pig Jig 2018 – Sprig Electric!


Thank you to all our competitors. We hope you had fun competing in our BBQ competition and we look forward to seeing you all back next year!