NephCure Kidney International (NKI)

NephCure Kidney International (NKI) is the only organization committed exclusively to support research seeking the cause of the potentially debilitating kidney disease Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and the diseases that cause Nephrotic Syndrome, improve treatment, and find a cure.

NephCure Kidney International is:

  • Committed to funding research around the globe that will continue to move us closer to an improved treatment and a cure.
  • The primary source of information on Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.
  • Leading the charge for legislative action to provide more federal funding for research into Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.
  • Working to attract researchers to this field.
  • Educating the public and raising awareness about Nephrotic Syndrome and FSGS.

NephCure has joined this global consortium dedicated to sharing ideas, combining strengths and supporting one another as we strive to find a cure.

NephCure Kidney International is a U.S. tax exempt 501 (c)(3) public charity established in 1999.

Social Media

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There is also a growing collection of videos on the NephCure YouTube channel, including this series which introduces Nephrotic Syndrome and illustrates the perspectives from child patients, adult patients, and caregivers: